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In order to surf on the website Hebus.com with delight and good mood, you are invited to respect these basic rules...
1. General behaviour
  • Both at the baker's and at old auntie Gertrude's show your savoir-vivre. A "please" and a "thank you" are always welcome when you ask for help as well as well constructed and polished phrases.
  • Under your fingers, you have a computer's keyboard not a nokia 3310. Use it to write your messages completely, not in SMS language! Capital letter words should also be avoided: do not shout, we hear you very well!
  • Of course, if your remarks are coarse, insulting, racist, homophobic, sexist, pedophile or pornographic, they will be suppressed and the authors punished. The choice of your username will have to respect the same rules. You are informed.

2. Pictures and comments
  • If you are not the author of the picture that you post, please try to give the source or the original author. If a picture's author is unknown and you know it, don't hesitate to tell us by email (there's a link under every picture), we'll credit the picture as soon as possible.
  • If you are the author of a picture and you don't want to distribute it, contact us and we will remove it immediately.
  • Pictures with a racist, homophobic, sexist, pedophile, pornographic, full of hatred messages will be refused.
  • When you hand in your homework to your teacher or a report to a superior, if he tells you "it's very bad", you'll ask "why?". It's the same thing on Hebus.com: when you want to criticize a picture, try to be constructive so that the picture's author can make adjustments in his next creations!
  • Comments on pictures are given in order to debate so spams are forbidden, they'll be suppressed and their author will be banished. Trolls can stay in their caves!
  • A "popularity rating" is given to each picture. This rating method comes from a top secret complex formula whose formula which is preciously kept in a safe in Switzerland. The crafty ones who will try to increase their ratings in an artificial way will be spotted, hunted down and handed over to FBI (or banished, we'll see...).

3. Moderation
  • Moderators are just human beings (sometimes we ask the question, but it's true), and as such, they are liable to make mistakes. When you don't understand why your picture is refused, you can send us an email or ask for help on the forum. Courtesy and politeness are in place just as well for these requests as for anything else. You can keep your emails of insults for your banker and your boss!
  • Moderators are human beings (we remind you, just in case) so it may happen that some time goes by before your pictures are moderated. We always try to reduce this period to the minimum, but your pictures will be moderated, whatever happens!
  • The continuous evolution of the site sometimes drives us to create new galleries and to suppress others. Moderators reserve the right to make these changes, that is to move your pictures from a gallery to another one, even to suppress them (even if they have been validated earlier) when their content or their quality are not appropriate to the present criteria of the site.
Creating an account Hebus.com and posting pictures imply your agreement with the present rules. Sign here with your blood, please.